First lady?

Back in my undergrad days in Chicago, I was given an award from an organization called Chicago Public Allies. The award was called Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, and we were recognized during a nice reception at the Harold Washington Library downtown. I remember “Michelle from Public Allies” well, however it was not until this week’s Newsweek came out that I realized that the woman I remember was Barack Obama’s wife. I don’t remember meeting Barack (though I assume he would have been there as a board member for the organization), but I thought it was interesting that my path crossed theirs in that way many years ago.


  1. It’s interesting to be at the University of Chicago right now. Lot’s of people have stories about teaching with Barack. Also, my friend Didi works at the Lab School where their kids go. Some mornings he says hello to her as he drops the kids off. It IS neat to be that close to someone who spends so much time in the news.

  2. Ugh. My English major brain is appalled by my unnecessary apostrophe. Sorry to all for the grammatical offense. It was unintentional. 🙂

  3. Rebecca,

    You crack me up! I was an English major too, however my brain cells have since been subjected to so much pregnancy that I am sure a fair number of typos go unnoticed here 🙂

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