Transition is in the air.

Mercy started preschool this past week at a little Catholic school a few blocks away. The nuns are delightful and Mercy seems to be enjoying her experience very much.

Elijah has started walking and talking. And at his physical yesterday, he weighed in at a not-so-modest twenty-seven pounds. My mom is pretty sure she knows three year olds who don’t weigh that much.

Our pastor announced his resignation on Sunday during our worship service. This is the first event of many in a string of changes for our faith community.

My sister’s son, born the first year we lived here in L.A., is now in kindergarten at one of the new schools in our community. He is learning in both English and Spanish.

My sister and her husband will welcome their third baby into the world in two weeks.

Our Adventures Ahead tutoring program will expand this fall to include tutoring for junior high ages. The kids who filled our overflowing kindergarten class my first year as the director are those who will benefit from this expansion in the next few years.

My sister and her husband are preparing for his shift to full-time work with Redeemer Community Partnership. My brother-in-law has always been the driving force behind our community organizing efforts and I can’t wait to see him released to work full-time on behalf of our community.


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