Because Doug is a superior photographer (and considerably taller)…

Here’s the better shot I promised. Little Sammy went from a fuzzy gray clump to this beautiful creature literally in days, and now he is gone. Lately Mercy has been bringing me “eggs” (random toys) to hatch for her. We checked out Horton Hatches the Egg from the library so I am pretty sure that is where that is coming from, but I think our little Sam/Sammy adventure has something to do with it as well.



  1. I’d guess that Christmas bulb next to Sammy was hung sometime in the late 80’s.

    As much as I like the idea of Christmas spirit year round, might be time to take that string down :^)

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty gross with the zoom on it! It is actually a strand of outdoor porch lights that friends gave us our first year here. They are great at night–quite romantic and festive, but not in the Christmas-light way. The bulb in this shot is right above where we grill, so that combined with just the everyday L.A. dirt (and now the bird poop), does make for an impressively dirty bulb!

  3. An amazing picture – hardly EVER see a hummingbird quiet – what a gift to have mom and baby on the front porch – at least for the short time you had them there!

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