WWJS–to Me

I have been invited to consider this question: What Would Jesus Say–to Me?

Here goes…

“Buy the field. It may seem like barren land, and it might appear dreadfully overpriced. You may not feel fit to manage the land and it could look much more appealing to simply live as another’s tenant. But trust me: you want to own that field. Nothing that you have to sell or sacrifice can even begin to compete with the value of what is hidden there.”

I’m not very good at the tagging part of these, so anyone inspired to participate, feel free to do so and you may link back here and at Jim’s original post.

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  1. Erika, that’s a good one! Jesus DOES give us the ultimate “hot tips” or “insider information”, doesn’t He? Thanks for posting it. I have updated my post to link to here.

  2. Thanks, Jim. Though after writing this, I realized that in Matthew, it is the person who finds the treasure who then goes and buries it and buys the field. So perhaps Jesus’ words to me are more a reminder of the treasure I found; a reminder of how beautiful and glorious and valuable it is (something that I am far too easily tempted to forget on a daily basis…)

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