What’s in your dish rack?

My mom brought down a beautiful china tea set for Mercy when she was here a few weeks ago, and Mercy’s tea parties are now a daily highlight. Mercy can fill her tea pot with water, and she is allowed one Girl Scout cookie to have as the “snack”. Or, if it is right after breakfast, I will give her a handful of Kix instead.

After Mercy’s last tea party, Jessie was kind enough to do the soggy-Kix clean-up. I walked into the kitchen later that morning to get a glass and saw this:


It turns out that “Steve’s head” was one of the party’s guests, along with an eclectic bunch of animals and dolls. And Mercy had been very generous with the Kix…


  1. Hi Erika
    Mercy is growing up to be such a beautiful young woman. I am privileged to be a part of her life as well as the rest of the Haub Clan. I often wonder why our kids are such dirt magnets! Any how, her understanding of Walter being Black and her being white is amazing. How can she know that so young? Love ya all, get better soon!

  2. Patty,

    Steve has come upon hard times of late. I crawled into bed the other night only to find his torso tucked under my covers. Yikes!

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