Top ten

10. Walking into Mercy and Aaron’s room on Saturday morning and picking them up out of their beds.

9. Putting the toys away exactly the way I like them to be organized.

8. Doing laundry.

7. Dressing my kids.

6. Spending Saturday with best friends at the beach.

5. Going for a family walk down Kenwood on Saturday night.

4. Letting Doug sleep in on Sunday morning.

3. Worshiping with my Church of the Redeemer family and giving the welcome during the service.

2. Getting caught up with Servant Partners work.

1. Telling Mercy that no, mommy doesn’t need to lay down on the couch anymore…

Goodbye, bed-rest. Hello, Baby Baby. We can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. I am so glad this difficult season has passed…and that you’re still pregnant. Oh, the things we take for granted!

    Blessings for a safe delivery…at just the right time. 🙂

  2. Erika…Yeah for no more bed rest! I Love your top 10 and am very thankful you are up and around! Thanks for taking care of baby baby and the rest of the cuite patootie munchkins. (that includes doug). love you…sarah

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing when doing laundry feels really rewarding…I’m sure the feeling won’t last too long 🙂

    I also can’t believe how exhausting everything is! Six weeks of inactivity plus a very dramatic increase in belly size and overall awkwardness makes for some certainly challenging moments. Pushing the double stroller (all hundred plus pounds) is almost more than I can handle!

  4. Number 9 confuses me. You actually embrace organization?!? Did my anal retentiveness wear off on you? I can still picture your white dishes with spaghetti crusted on them piled 10 high in our sink. Is this not a regular sight in the Haub household? Ed says hi.

  5. Nathanael,

    Your nephew is beautiful!!! Congratulations to your family, and praise be to God for this new creation.

  6. Julie,

    Did you notice that doing dishes did NOT make the top ten? No surprises there…


    I just got done washing a big old pile of white plates that, yes, were indeed stacked in the sink. There is little that is as uncomfortable as trying to hunch over the sink to wash dishes with an enormous belly in the way. Can’t say that I’m not missing the bed-rest a bit right now…

    Hi Ed!

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