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An almost flawless trip up here. The kids were so delightful during the trip that I never even opened what I thought would be my back-seat survival kit of toys. Other than a handful of books the kids looked at, the landscape, animals, music and mom’s antics were sufficiently entertaining.

The way that two families opened their homes to us and made space for our family on our way up here. At the first house we arrived, travel-weary, at the front door and were greeted by four little girls who wanted nothing more than to play with, fawn over, and completely adore our kids. While Doug and I sat down for some Shiraz and great conversation, our kids played blissfully. Aaron met his soulmate–a girl who was thrilled to play an endless game of catch. And Mercy, who to date did not know that so many dolls, Barbies, princesses, and glittery accessories could exist in one home, walked from room to room in a girly delirium. At one point during the evening, she turned to me with wide eyes: “Mommy, what is this place called?”

The fact that I have family that I genuinely love and enjoy. In telling people that I was leaving to spend six weeks with our extended family up north, a fair number would furrow their brows and ask: “Is that a good thing?” It is a very, very good thing and I realize that not everyone can say that.

McMenamins Russian Lullaby Imperial Stout.

Fires in the fireplace and a husband who knows how to build them well.

Peet’s Holiday Blend.

Woods and trails and ponds to explore with my kids. Every day since arriving here, we have bundled up and headed outside as a family to walk and tromp and play. I went to Fred Meyer’s and bought some “Stompers” for the kids: heavy, mostly waterproof boots that allow them full access to all the soggy Northwest has to offer. Aaron looked like Frankenstein the first day he tried walking in them, but he has since adapted and they are now his friends. Just today, the kids spent a good hour in this swampy part of a nearby park, “fishing” with their sticks (Aaron was catching octopus, he informed us) and playing dinosaurs.

My kids’ imaginations.

The first season of Heroes on DVD courtesy of Auntie Sarah.

Our van: the means for us to come up on this trip, and our way of getting around once we are here. It is no small thing that we were given the ability to purchase this vehicle. It is a reminder of answered prayers and undeserved gifts, and every time we pile in, I am reminded that no need of ours has been too great for God’s provision.

A family leave trip not marked by ER visits, sick kids, fingers in heaters or fallen trees.

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