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The view from Room #780

It is not difficult for God to send his kindness to us regardless of our surroundings.

That kindness has taken many forms in the past few days, from wheelchairs and Demerol (at last!) to the gentle hands of nurses to the spoken, unsolicited prayers of the woman sent to draw blood the evening before my surgery (how did she know how to pray so perfectly for me in those moments, and where did her boldness come from?). From the anesthesiologist who kept whispering in my ear that I could do it to the somewhat abrasive surgeon who opted for Peter, Paul, and Mary and Billy Joel (artists I love) as his music of choice during an operation where it was so crucial for me to remain awake. It has come in the form of meals delivered, groceries bought, children cared for (in the midst of Mercy’s dreadful flu), and lattes delivered. And it has most certainly come through the wave of support felt from many of you who read and encourage and love my family here.

It is not difficult for God to send his kindness, regardless of circumstance.


  1. So glad to see/hear you here again!! It is wonderful to hear of these mercies and marvel at God’s amazing provisions – even in the details.

  2. Demerol mixed with Peter, Paul and Mary would probably help a lot of us through the worst :^) You have a more biblical understanding of God’s blessings than many.

    Sorry they took so long to get you the med candy. Hard to be patient when you’re in a lot of pain.

    What went wrong, if that’s not too personal or inappropriate at this point?

  3. Thanks, Tom. Your demerol/PPM comment made me laugh 🙂

    I have a significant follow-up appointment tomorrow, and after that I think I will feel more free to share the whole story.


  4. I just read Frederick Buechner’s Telling Secrets in which he writes that the hospital staff that took care of his anorexic daughter were better able to show her Christ’s love than he was they needed nothing from her. They could simply love. How beautiful that you could experience this as well.

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