The Mercy girl

I was just down on the floor changing Elijah’s diaper and when I leaned
forward, part of my back was exposed. Mercy was standing behind me.

She reached down and scratched on a place on my back:

“Mommy, you have a nickel!”

I had no idea what she was calling a nickel–I don’t have any moles or
anything that would be round like a nickel, and I thought that was a strange
choice…I’m not even sure she knows what a nickel is!

After looking closer, she said: “No, Mommy, it’s not a nickel. It’s a

I realized that when she said “nickel” she was thinking of “freckle”.

I laughed.

And then she clarified: “Boo-boo is Spanish for owie.”

Of course.

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  1. She had another one yesterday–I can’t remember what it was. You should ask Doug because he was there and probably remembers. She is hilarious!

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