The little man

I realized the other day that Mercy gets most of the press on the occasion that I tell kid stories here. It is Aaron the Baron, however, who has been the comic relief of late. And most of what makes him so darn funny right now is that he continues to surprise me with what he knows and can say, so he catches me off guard with little comments and words. The kid should be using words like “ball” and “milk” and “mommy”, which he does of course, but then there are moments like this morning when I am trying to build a little fort for Mercy and her friend with a blanket over a chair and he looks up at me and says: “tunnel”. Or yesterday, when I turn on the fan in the living room and he stands in front of it and says: “windy.” Or just now, when he shoved way too much peanut-butter sandwich into his mouth and looked at me with a big full-mouth grin and said: “trash-truck.”

My favorite was this morning. Aaron has a definite devious streak, and he can think he is quite funny at times. He likes to run away from me and go and hide in places where he knows he is not supposed to go, and when you finally hunt him down, he just looks up at you with this big grin that says, “Aren’t I so cute and funny, mommy?” And as I scoop him up into my arms, I will often say to him with a smile: “Aaron, you are such a little bugger!”

This morning I heard him run toward the hallway, and I actually had to look in their bedroom and the bathroom and then finally our bedroom before I found him: he was crouching down between the bed and the wall completely out of sight. When I reached down to grab him, he wiggled and giggled in my arms, and I said: “Aaron, you are such a little…” and for some reason I did not complete the sentence. He looked up at me with that devious, Doug-like grin and said: “BUGGER!”


  1. aaron is TOO cute!!! and I don’t believe you really emphasized enough how MUCH he likes to say milk… 🙂

  2. What a sweet story! I love that knowing smile and the giggles – those are the best. Boys are pretty darn great, aren’t they!? I’d love to have a girl, too, but boys are really wonderful.

  3. This was SO much fun to read! That mischievious streak was one of the priceless joys of the childhood of his Father – so I guess he comes by it naturallty. Smile! Smile! Smile!!!!

  4. Peggy,

    It is uncanny how much he is a little Doug right now. I was just saying at dinner tonight that he has the same ability that has Doug has to make me laugh, even if I am annoyed or mad!

  5. Julia,

    You’re right, though it’s hard to convey his overwhelming capacity for repetition of that word, isn’t it?

  6. Sounds like he could be reading at 3…just like his mom!! I’ve still got the stool and “Frog and Toad”…just let me know when you’re ready for them!!

  7. How much he sounds like his dad at that age – the same impish look and joy at “getting you”. And, hey, his dad was reading at age 3, too, so you are doomed to have really smart kids. 😉

  8. We have been checking Frog and Toad books out regularly since getting our library cards–Mercy loves them! I was reading one of them to her the other day and I was so tired that I started falling asleep and saying nonsense words in the midst of reading. Mercy caught it every time and would say to me, “No, mommy, don’t say those words!” Doug even got the camera out to video the whole thing because I was saying such bizarre things!

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