Today has been one of those days and it is only 10am!

I am always really careful about handling beverages on my desk: where I place them, what they sit on so as not to leave a ring, etc. This morning I dumped a large, hot cup of coffee all over my desk and legs. While avoiding the precious G Drive and various power strips, the keyboard was not so lucky. Coffee seeped in between the keys and is now floating around beneath them in the keyboard’s transparent-cool-Mac glory. If I try to type, the letter H repeats itself eternally, writing line after line of about how my frustration sounds at the moment.

So here’s the humility part: my dear husband has the amazing gift for collecting random computer components and storing them in our house (at different points in our life together we have had multiple monitors sitting in the bedroom or dining room at any given time, and this has not always been received well by me, to say the least). But this morning, after my coffee fiasco, I was able to walk into our front closet and pull out a new keyboard, plug it in, and have access to my computer once again. So I am sitting here now grateful for my husband’s special gift and contrite for all those times I got annoyed or mocked him.

When I called Doug at work to tell him about the keyboard and ask his advice for what I should do, he wasn’t in his office which was strange. I left a message with Julia and when he called me back he informed me that the reason he was so late getting into work was that our red car kept dying repeatedly on his drive to Pasadena. He ended up taking surface streets so he could pull over and re-start the car as necessary. Unfortunately, I do not have a complimentary spiritual gift for accumulating cars, so this issue will be a much more difficult (and likely costly) one to resolve.

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