Sweet dreams

Mercy is very much at that age where she like to role-play things with her toys that are familiar parts of her life. Specifically, she is obsessed with her toys going “night night.” My theory is that, since this is an area in her life where she has little control (and would have things happen much differently if she had her way, I’m sure), she likes to exert control over it with her inanimate companions.

Tonight after a series of visits to her room in the midst of protests from her (and her little brother), I came out to the dining room to finish the clean up that Doug had already mostly completed. As I was putting things away, a strange cluster of toys caught my eye. I have to say, I was impressed with Mercy’s ingenuity in her choice of bedding:





  1. Hmmmm…do you think it’s time to get her a puppy…by Mercy’s age you and Daisy were sharing a pillow!!

  2. Well, as long as she keeps trying to pick Mow Mow up by the tail, I think we may have a little wait ahead of us…she does talk a lot about Laylah, so I am sure she would think it a fantastic idea!

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