A few weeks ago, I received an incredible gift. We have very dear L.A. friends who moved here at the exact same time that we did who get together with us every Friday night for dinner (or “Friday Night Club” as we fondly refer to it). They live and work in Santa Monica, and so we alternate going to each other’s houses every Friday (though they have done a lot more coming to South Central now that we have two kiddos). At our last Friday Night Club, after we all had our fill of good food, they told me to close my eyes. They pulled a very cute little square box out of a shopping bag they had stashed behind the table, handed it to me, and told me that I could open my eyes. The matte black box with that perfect little white apple on the top made me scream: it was my very own iPod!!!

He works for Apple, and about a year ago they gave Doug his iPod after the company had given him an upgrade. Well, they gave the iPod to us, but Doug had been talking about wanting one for so long that when we opened the box there was really no question whose it would be. And honestly, at the time I felt like I had very little use for one–it was something that would of course be fun to have, but something I could certainly live without.

Well, he had received yet another upgrade, and since both of them now had the best and most recent models, they were now passing hers down to us. Watching Doug use his the past year had made me see some of the ways I could really enjoy having one for myself, and I had probably mentioned this a handful of times. So it was with great joy that I opened the black cube and pulled out my very own little white friend. It turns out that mine came with even more little features than Doug’s did, as well as the ability to hold more music. It came with a little recording device that plugs into the top–that is how I was able to listen to Chap’s lecture (which Doug had recorded using this new feature) while we were stuck in the hospital. And it came in a very cute little light blue case!

When our friends gave it to me, they announced that this was for me to have and use especially now while I am “sitting on my a–  making a soul” (his words). Thank you, Ferven. You guys are the best!


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