Stevie Wonder at the Bowl

I got a call yesterday from a good friend who suddenly had two tickets available to see Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl. We managed to line up childcare (thank you, Lauren!) and we met up with four good friends from the neighborhood and headed out to the show. The traffic and parking were crazy, as they can be at the Hollywood Bowl, and after a long line to have bags checked (no alcohol or bottles were allowed for this show which was disappointing–sipping your wine is simply part of the HB experience, and we had brought a nice bottle of Toasted Head we had planned to enjoy), we made it to our seats right as Stevie began his introduction. We were settled and ready by the first note played.

The show was amazing. He is an incredible performer and the stage was filled with an orchestra, various family members, and all of the energy and passion a performer like him brings to his craft.

It turned out that our seats were in the “Toasted Head” section of another variety: I hadn’t been around that much pot smoke since a Beastie Boys concert in Chicago.

Doug and I realized that it was the first concert we had been to together, ever. That was hard for both of us to believe as we could each rattle off a long list of live performances we have seen over the years, but none that we had seen together.

All in all it was a magical evening: great music, great friends, an incredible venue, an unforgettable show.


  1. Erika,

    I stumbled onto your blog not too long ago (can’t remember where I saw the link). The name really drew me in. Great name! Excellent stuff, thanks! Reminds me of a book I’d like to pass along. If you’re interested in historical Jesus studies you’ll really appreciate this work (Vol. 1 of three):

    Stevie is one of the few major performers from my era (I’m 50) that I’ve never seen. Someone told me he no longer performs My Cherie Amour. Curious to know if he sang it at the HB.

    Keep up the excellent writing.

  2. He totally did My Cherie Amour. I think that was one where he had his son sing with him. It really was an amazing show. He started this tradition last year after his mother passed away, of leasing out the bowl and doing a big night each summer. It was cool how he involved his family, too. The last song he had a little grandson playing a drum kit center stage. Very sweet.

    Thanks for the book recommendation!

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