Seafair theology

I was tucking Elijah in last night and this happens to be the time of day when we have some of our sweetest moments of conversation. Perhaps it is the simple absence of larger, louder siblings or it is an effective sleep-avoidance ploy: I don’t really care. It is precious and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Last night during our cuddle, Elijah asked me some ridiculous question that I barely understood and I gave that age-old cop-out: “You’ll have ask God when you get to heaven.”

“Mommy, can I ask Jesus?”

“Yes, of course, Elijah. You can ask Jesus.”

“And who is the other one?”

“The Holy Spirit, Elijah.”

After a pause, Elijah continued: “Could Jesus be the mommy?”

“Sure, Elijah,” I said.

“And who would be the friends?”

“Maybe the angels could be the friends, Elijah.”

“Yeah, the blue ones.”

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