I will be taking a few days off from writing here, so please check back on Wednesday!


  1. Ericka~
    It was wonderful meeting and having coffee with you on Monday. You were a blessing to our class, and have inspired me to continue on believing in my call from God. I will pray for your ministry in CA, as you can pray for the ministeries you had a hand in creating here at NorthPark. I hope you had a safe flight home… and that your kids were not terrors to your nanny 🙂
    Julie Capel

  2. Julie,

    Thanks so much! It was great to have time with you on Tuesday, and I will be excited to see how God continues to use you and equip you for those things to which you have been called. Other than getting hit by a taxi the night before I left, my trip home was uneventful and I was so happy to see my kids!!!

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