Quotation of the Week

Recent msnbc.com headline: “Is Text Messaging Ruining People’s Lives?” accompanied by a picture of Tiger Woods. Yeah. It’s clearly the text messaging.

From a Facebook satus update from my friend, Josh Staub.


  1. Who knows whether what he’s doing is ruining his life?

    Maybe he’s trying to find a life that’s more honest and that makes more emotional and spiritual sense.

    People do unusual and even immoral things when they can’t find a way out of lives that they were only partly responsible for creating for themselves.

    Or in other words, sometimes people deconstruct and ‘wreck’ their own lives when they realize they got on the wrong path and are trying to find a way out.

    I’m talking about real life, not marble statues or theological abstractions.

  2. Just trying to draw out responses from the ‘religious and righteous’ here. I look forward to their typical love of judging others.

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