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A number of pastors are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the amount of resources we pour into the weekly show. One remembered the solos of the minimally gifted “Aunt Jane” who – nevertheless – was powerful in her musical ministry because of the power of *her life.* But there is no way she would be ever singing in any attractional mega-church service. An appreciation of her public worship only came because of an appreciation of her life of worship.

From Out of Ur commenter, Stephen Shields, responding to a recent post by Dan Kimball.


  1. Hey Jamie!

    I have to admit I was remembering a few of my own early performance attempts on the clarinet, saxophone and hammered dulcimer from my childhood as well when I posted this. My home church still does such a great job of bringing the full gifts of the body to the corporate act of worship, and I’m glad they modeled that to me from very young.

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