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A lot of those babies folks work themselves into a tizzy to see born are put up for adoption, enter our foster system, or otherwise become neglected. It’s like most folks quit caring for them once they are here. If we’re to be true pro-lifers, we need to always be about the “least of these”, the poor, the exploited, the abused, the abandoned. For those focused on their Christian duty to have as many kids as possible, to “have a full quiver” as it were, if you have room in your quiver we need to be the first to be adopting babies.

From Maurice Broaddus


  1. I once was talking to a professor at Azusa Pacific (my alma mater) because he is really involved with the foster care system. He told his church about it and that they were partnering with Muslims and other non-Christians to make sure every child has a good foster home. Some people from his church came to him and were concerned that he was working with Muslims.

    “Well,” he said. “Would you take a kid” he asked them.

    “We can’t,” they answered.

    “Well these Muslims are willing to help. Would you rather them have a Muslim home or no home at all?”

    “No home at all,” they replied. “No home at all.”

    It was frustrating to hear that. I hope to be really involved in the foster care program when I am married and hopefully to help kids when I am teacher who come from those backgrounds.

  2. Wow, Danny. That is an amazing story.

    I have some friends who do emergency foster care for infants, and they have any number of babies come and live with them for different amounts of time. My friend shared with me that people always say to them stuff like: “Wow, that’s really great you guys do this, but I could never do it. It would just be too hard” (describing the attachment to the infants and then the necessity of releasing them after bonding with them).

    My friends response: “We can survive the hurt.”

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