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A person may feel compelled, gifted, even “called” to ministry, but unless that urge and desire is confirmed by God’s chosen means of calling and sending from His community through the Holy Spirit, the feelings should never be the sole—nor even the primary—basis for action. In many cases (perhaps in most), our personal feelings on the matter are completely irrelevant.



  1. Mostly liked Svigel’s take.

    Many folks—Christian or not–are probably doing things that don’t fit their gifts because they either avoid honest feedback or don’t receive it from others even when they honestly seek it.

    And I think he’s right that the NT idea of ‘calling’ is mostly about a call to basic discipleship and far less about specific directions re career, relationships, where we live, etc. Maybe we should reserve the use of the word ‘call’ for the heart of the matter and use some other word for our peculiar and important individual decisions, even if those ‘sparrow like’ directions are given by God through community plus circumstances through the Holy Spirit. Changing the language might make a difference in toning down the power of the culturally driven and misguided individualism he obviously wants to change.

    Having said all that, I guess I wonder which Christian communities qualify as agents of the Holy Spirit? I sort of like the ‘when two or more are gathered’ definition, but others obviously disagree and want committees and pastors and bishops and popes, and in most cases insist that the house ideology be on top too. ‘Careers’ are built that way. At heart I guess I’m more with Diane the Emerging Quaker :^) than I am with the Svigel.

  2. “calling” is such an interesting thing I think. we were just having a discussion about this in staff meeting the other day – and kind of relating it to your previous post here. how much does out program “prosper” from those called by God and directed by Him and how much does it prosper from creative and timely advertising?? sometimes it is just about catching people’s attention – sometimes God is happy with a multitude of choices we could make – He just wants us to get off our ass and do something. maybe.

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