Quotation of the Week

This is the main reason why I abhor that phrase, “the race card” — even more than I hate the d-word.

I wish that being Black was something I could just conveniently pull out when it suited me. Because then I wouldn’t have to sweat as much if I get pulled over by deputies in rural Oregon counties. If I could keep the race card in my pocket, and make sure it doesn’t slip out when I’m handing the officer my license and registration, then life would be a lot simpler.

From Jelani Greenidge


  1. Jamie,

    It’s been exciting to track with you guys the adoption process–what a journey and what a gift. And with trans-racial adoption, race is a very significant piece to that as recent studies are pointing out. I know that you and Kim will engage that part of your family’s journey earnestly and faithfully.

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