Quotation of the Week

“Church becomes a defense against falling into the arms of the living God.”

Will Willimon in a lecture at Fuller Seminary


  1. Help me understand where he is coming from? Maybe you could shed some more light to the context in which this was said. Sorry I am little slow sometimes. Sounds profound and great but I don’t know what he is talking about. HELP! I want to be able to say “Powerful. Profound” like PTL said in his/her comment.


  2. Aaron,

    The way I understood Bishop Willimon was that too often we construct what we call “church” after our likeness; he used this image of a bunch of people building ladders to reach God, and said it was no surprise that the God we end up with looks an awful lot like us! I know in myself there are far too many tendencies to want God’s activity to mirror my hopes and expectations, and I likely miss many of the things God is trying to do in our midst that just don’t look like what I expected or hoped for…

    I guess as he was talking I pictured the ways that the religious folk in Jesus’ time failed to recognize him as the Son of God, or the many people Jesus encountered who sacrificed their opportunity to see and enter the Kingdom because things didn’t line up with their expectations, or threatened some area of control (law, custom, authority, whatever). Does this not describe many of our churches today?

    There are ways where we can construct our “religion”, our “experience” of God, that can actually prevent us from really seeing and hearing what God is doing and saying…our structures, our worship services, our buildings, our budgets all have the ability to do this.

  3. Amen! Thanks for taking the time to give me some context to the quote. I can now say as PTL has said… “Powerful, Profound.”

    Grace and Peace!

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