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Last week at the staff retreat at Mission Springs, one of the participants quipped: “If we heard an adult say that they are not GETTING fed in any other setting than the church, we’d consider them foolish (he used a stronger word).” If my adult children complained that they were not GETTING fed, I’d say “Learn to cook! Find out how to use a fork and knife! Grow up.”

Is part of the problem in the established church the very fact that we have tolerated this kind of thinking and excusing? How are we teaching believers to feed themselves? to move from consuming to generativity?

From Don Johnson (read his whole post and enjoy the accompanying picture!)

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  1. I agree with this quote…partially.
    But there is a difference between me, as an adult, preparing food for myself and eating for nourishment, versus going over to my parents for a family gathering with a meal that my mom and sisters took hours to prepare for our enjoyment and fellowship and dining pleasure, not just for nourishment.

    Sunday evening for us (or morning if you go in the morning) is a time to gather with some of God’s other children and sit under the teaching of someone who has devoted a good chunk of time that week preparing their heart to hear from our God, preparing the material, searching the scriptures, and praying for our hungry hearts to be receptive to the Word.

    I’m sure this pastor knows this, but as a teacher, I am sensitive to how I phrase my challenges to my hearers to get into the Word. A good meal has all kinds of leftovers that I can chew on throughout the week. A good message satisfies while causing a craving for more good food throughout the week. A good meal will have me searching through recipe books for similar dishes.

    …just some thoughts.
    shalom, sister.

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