Quotation of the Week

In the churches that I have been to, we sing well, the Bible is read, and Jesus is referenced, and we pray. And then there is the sermon, which is well crafted, and is creative and effectively presented. This message calls me to do something, to behave in way that is better than my current pattern. It is a morality call. Ethical and beneficial. I have been called to a better husband and father, to be a better Christian by reading my Bible, to be more caring toward my neighbor. All biblical themes, and all correct. But we didn’t need God to do this. He could have been far away and we would not have noticed.

Now understand that I am not pointing fingers at the churches I have been to, I am wondering if we are any different at my church? Do we in worship pull the curtain back and show those who are there that Yahweh is present and active in our midst…We are not called to be moral, we are called to be holy…

From Kent Anderson


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