Quotation of the Week

Nobody falls down on their face before the god they wanted. Nobody trembles at the word of a home-made god. Nobody goes out with fire in their belly to heal the sick, to clothe the naked, to teach the ignorant, to feed the hungry, because of the god they wanted. They are more likely to stay at home with their feet up.

N.T. Wright, For All God’s Worth


  1. Makes me think of the book, “The God You Always Wanted.” The God who is is the God I always needed but not the God I wanted. He is always crawling out of the box I put him in and not doing the things I demand of Him. He leads me into suffering, gives me passions that upset normalcy, motivates me to make sacrifices that are unreasonable and in general never lets me be. To be near Him I have to put on my crash helmet and my seat belt. And not a few times my stomach has been up in my throat. What a thrill!

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