Prosperity Gospel

Aaron walked up to me today with his blue blanket draped over one arm and I told him he looked like Jesus. So we started playing that I was a woman with a sick child in need of healing, and I pleaded repeatedly with Aaron/Jesus to come and heal my baby. Aaron got really self-conscious and embarrassed in much the same way as when he met Cinderella, refusing to make eye contact with me while a silly grin tugged at the corners of his mouth.

After a few minutes of my pleading, Mercy could no longer stand it and ran over to where her white blanket was and, quickly draping it over her shoulder, walked over to where I sat kneeling before her brother. I turned to Mercy/Jesus and made my same request, and she quickly responded that yes, she would come and heal my baby. I brought her over to where Elijah was lying on the floor, and she gently bent over him and laid her hand on his forehead and said firmly: “Be healed.”

I looked up at her and began to thank her and praise God for my baby’s healing. She looked down at me and asked: “What’s my prize?”


  1. Dress up time in costumes from far away lands.

    Play healing.

    Play serving the needy.

    Sounds, in many ways, sort of familiar.

    Grown ups sometimes like play time too :^.

    I admit this metaphorical style has its advantages.

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