Okay, so tonight the novelty of mobility totally wore off. Somewhere between chasing down the kids to get shoes and socks on (after huffing and puffing and painfully contorting myself to put on my own), lugging the double stroller out from the back of the van while stuff crashed to the sidewalk, and doing my best to steer the stroller around various obstacles on the sidewalk, my joy over my freedom to once again move and walk and exert myself faded. And at the point where we stood, unable to move any further down Kenwood due to the two large barking pit-bulls who my terrified daughter refused to walk past (she was on foot at this point of our journey) ultimately requiring me lifting her up into my arms and carry her while pushing the double stroller with Aaron in it, I decided that life on the couch had not really been so bad.

It’s amazing how quickly our perspective can shift; how we can so easily recast our judgments of something.

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  1. LOL! Great observation. Every notice people experience the same thing after their well-intentioned (if naive) desire to “serve the poor” brings them to your neighbourhood? Suddenly, the comfort of that which they left behind looks far more appealing. (wink) May you catch your breath!


  2. Oh Erika! What an image! I’m glad you are back on your feet but can understand the desire to be back on the couch! Hang in there. 🙂

  3. Yes, our perspectives change so quickly. Just had surgery, so I can identify–I was on my back for days. Now I’m up but can’t do much lifting. Paul challenges me so much to be thankful in every circumstance, which is wise, because every circumstance has PLENTY wrong with it. We’ll miss all the good if we can’t see it through the bad. Do hang in there, and thanks for the thought-provoking posts!

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