Our five seconds

I recently posted our second crib on Craigslist since Mercy has moved on to the world of big girl beds. Some friends had given the crib to us, and it was a cool, antique brass crib. I really loved it, but obviously not enough to have it hang around another day in our bedroom. I was surprised by the flurry of buyers I had interested in the crib. I responded to the first inquirer who said he wished to buy it, simply based on the photo. We made arrangements for him to come and pick it up, and I was struck in our email exchanges by his extremely polite and formal language (he used the phrase “that would be lovely”). He is from Santa Monica, he works in some artistic field, and he obviously had the ability to purchase our little crib with ease (“do you think it will fit in my Toureg?”).

Last night he arrived with a young woman I assumed to be his wife. After introducing me to her, I asked them as we came up the stairs: “So, are you two expecting?” Their laughter caught me off guard, and he quickly explained: “I’m buying this for my work,” then shaking his head: “the things I do for my boss…” As he was handing Doug the cash, I said to him, “Okay, now I am curious. What exactly is the crib for?”

“My boss is filming a short film, and he asked me to find an old fashioned crib for a five second shot.”

You really can’t escape ‘the industry’ here.

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