You have heard it said: always make sure you are wearing clean underwear in case you get in a car accident and you are taken to the hospital (I have also added to make sure you keep your apartment clean in case the L.A.P.D. needs to ascertain whether your home is a crime scene).

But I also say to you: always keep the floor of the front seat of your car free from random paper, toys, a nalgene bottle and a golf ball in case you need to give Scot McKnight a ride up to the house where he is staying after a fantastic lecture at Pepperdine University.

At least he appreciated the golf ball 🙂


  1. I haven’t checked in with you for a while. Scot McKnight … excellent.

    It’s tough to avoid the dirty-car syndrome when you have have kids.

  2. And you know, Erika, that all I noticed was the golf ball, and I’m still trying to figure what kind of ball it was. But, it looked like a one-piece ball, perhaps two, and perhaps a Pinnacle.

  3. All I know is that it fell out of some box of Doug’s college things when we tried to lift it into the attic–and Mercy was instantly enamored. Which is why it often goes with us in the car 🙂 So maybe she will be the golfer in our family!

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