One of those

In the last thirty-six hours I have:

Run over the double stroller with our van.

Snuck into my friends yard on the way to preschool to steal one of her roses because Mercy needed a flower to “give” to Mary this morning at preschool and I did not make it to the store.

Poured chocolate frosting over a Boston Cream Pie, only to realize that I had forgotten to add the powdered sugar.


  1. Boston Cream Pie? :^) That’s a blast from the past.

    Some regulars here will probably google it to get it.

    Fun to see how foods cross generations.

    My folks were both born and bred Bostonians. Their west coast kids got our fill of east coast ‘health foods’ like BCP’s and ‘Indian Pudding.’ Don’t think I’ve had a taste of a Boston Cream Pie since I was a teenager.

    And yes, sometimes life sort of sucks in the short run.

    If the worst of it is stuff like this, you’re blessed among most people I know right now.

  2. Thanks. It’s actually not that bad, more just kind of amusing how my brain cells just aren’t all firing or something. Oh, and I have lost my keys, and I NEVER lose my keys. It is going on days now, and while I know they have to be in the house, I simply cannot locate them. But most of this stuff matters little and can serve for a few laughs, so oh well!

  3. Okay, you are killing me. I totally had that same thought but did not dare to even utter such insanity aloud.

  4. Dad was in bed with a migraine this weekend so I decided to paint the entryway (at least do all the taping and edging so all we had to do this week was use the roller). It took me three hours and I was so pleased with myself…until I went to put the paint away and thought to myself, “I thought we decided to use Benjamin Moore paint, not Behr…”

    Yup…I’d opened up the wrong can and used the wrong color. Close…but will have to be done all over. What saved the day? David made us an amazing Thai Fried Rice for dinner…the best I’ve ever had!! And we had a good laugh about my being 60!!

  5. And Erika … thanks to your generosity we had one of those days when we tasted Oregon’s sweet Marion berries!

    Many thanks.

    In the midst of “one of those” you are making it “one of those” for others!

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