Merry Christmas!


May you remember a day of greatest hopes fulfilled. May you celebrate His mercies that rise anew every morning.

With love and joy,

The Haubs


  1. We miss you terribly! Were grateful today to spend some time with George (a great mercy) wearing our masks since we’re all sick (makes for great pictures).

  2. MISS YOU GUYS!!! Merry Christmas. Hope the travels went well and you are getting settled. Can’t wait for some updates. Love you!

  3. So relieved to know you are on the other side. I’ve been checking regularly, but couldn’t quite read between the lines until others commented. I guess the photo means at least one box is unpacked? Great show of cool!

    I hope the coming days will be full of the peace that passes understanding. I continue to hold you close, with a thought too for those nameless ones who are surely missing you something fierce.

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