or SAMMIES as the case may be…


I know the picture is horrible but it was the best I could get–it’s totally overcast out and the little nest is in so much shadow. I will try to get a better one (or Doug will, I’m sure), but I was too excited to wait!

I have assumed that there must be babies in the nest as Sam sits out there all the time, and the other day I noticed shell fragments cluttering the outside of the nest which seemed to confirm it. But the nest is high enough and I am pregnant enough (read, I have no balance whatsoever) that I wasn’t going to scale our patio furniture to look. That is, until this morning. I was in the kids room with them playing when I looked up at the nest (Sam had not been in there all morning) and I saw this little spray of spit come shooting out. At that point I knew there must be babies, and I couldn’t wait for the kids to go down for their naps so I could get out there to take a look. I couldn’t peek in but by standing on a chair and holding the camera over my head, I could just capture the pile of little gray fuzzy lumps.


UPDATE: After looking at the pic, Doug tells me there is just one (and this is the guy who corrects the OBs when we are looking at the ultrasound–I’m like Rachel on Friends who never sees anything they are pointing out–so I trust him!)

UPDATE #2: When I told Paul, our landlord who lives downstairs, about seeing Sammy spit this morning and finding him in the nest, Paul got a smile on his face: “That wasn’t spit, Erika.” he said, laughing.


  1. Having been there when the nest was being built, I am so excited to see the baby (ies) in the nest! WOW!

    ( I am sorry – this logs me in as erika, and I don’t know why or how to change it, but it’s really Grandma Peggy.)

  2. Grandma Peggy,

    It logs you in that way because I used your computer to post when we were staying with you and I set it to “remember” me–sorry!

    Ii wish you were here to see the babies!

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