I love this girl

We spent the day at the beach with our church family and lots of new kids and parents we are getting to know through our summer program and the special week of sports and arts camps we just hosted with Pasadena Covenant Church. It was Elijah’s first real beach outing and he LOVED sitting in the ocean with Dad while the waves rolled over them. Mercy continues to be the “water demon” whose fearlessness once caught Kiefer Sutherland’s attention, and Aaron is happiest when surrounded by multiple scoops and bottles and things to fill with sand.

On the way home in the van, both of the boys passed out while Mercy managed to beat all odds and stay wide awake throughout our extended drive home. We drove a ways to hit a drive-through Starbucks, and because Mercy was awake, she got a blueberry muffin as a treat. When she had finished eating, Mercy made the comment that Aaron was going to be so jealous that she had eaten a muffin and he had not. Doug took the moment to give Mercy a small lecture on the value of sleep and rest and how maybe Aaron had made the better choice.

Mercy was quiet for a while, and Doug and I resumed talking when I heard a thoughtful voice behind me say:

“But my choice was the yummiest.”


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