How we are

Stomach flu.

Three small children.

Really, really, really not fun.


  1. I am so sorry. That sounds awful. One child with the stomach flu is bad enough…. take care.

  2. My sympathies. Not a mom, but a dad of three, and we’ve been through it. There are other related memories. When our eldest was just about two, we had borrowed an almost new $30K Chrysler Voyager from a very generous brother in our church. Well, that’s when our daugther’s motion sickness manifested itself for the first time, and with a vengeance.
    About ten years later our youngest son introduced the term “projectile vomiting” to our family’s vocabulary …

  3. I pray you are well on your way to feeling better and have developed a few more bits of wisdom for your mommie-tool-box for making it through times like this. My three were 17 months and 23 months apart in age and when one of us was sick…well…we were all sick; and it just had to make it an adventure 😉

  4. Yeah, we’re at fifteen and twenty months apart between the three kids, and boy does that make family sick-days REALLY not fun. We are finally through it, Praise the LORD!!!

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