Tonight we safely arrived back in Los Angeles after another three day adventure in the red van, or the Red Rocket Ship as it is now called thanks to the Little Einsteins TV show we discovered on Grandpa’s On Demand TV (or Little I Spies as Mercy likes to call them). We just missed a series of perilous road conditions and felt the care of God throughout our safe passage. Horrible wind, snow, flooding and massive power outages were a few of the things we managed to avoid through no planning of our own. And once again the kids did an amazing job traveling.

The kids did request a few items during the trip home, but for the most part we again amused ourselves in a toy-free environment in the car. Some of the favorite games?

“Cows on Aaron’s side.” “Snorts on Mercy’s side.” “Trains on Aaron’s side.” etc.

Finding rainbows.

Watching for snow.

“I smell cow poop.” (Mercy’s favorite)



Antagonizing: “I’m Ariel.” “No, I’m Ariel.”

“Mommy, rub my foot (Aaron is totally his father’s son).”

Doug has already unpacked the van, and with now sleeping children we begin the task of settling our family back into this space. We desperately need to get rid of some toys to make room for our family’s generosity toward our children, including a fire truck that Aaron can ride. Wow.

As I sorted through the stuff piled high in the middle of our apartment, I got a bit weepy as I dumped the kids’ stompers out of a plastic bag and threw their bulky winter coats into the laundry hamper. Tools for a different life, one that I am always sad to leave behind.


  1. And we on this end, when we find a little car carefully “garaged” in a kitchen cupbord, or other toys here and there around the house, and tuck the children’s books away, and the toytbox back into the garage for a while, well, we miss you all soooooo much! We are so thankful that you are home safely, and also very thankful for the time we did have together! Now we set our sights on our next visit, and in the meantime, send lots of love your way!

  2. We did manage to steal one car from your house 🙂 A little green station wagon ended up in our toy bag. We miss you too!!!

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