My friend, Michelle, in Portland writes:

I just got off of the phone with the shelter, it’s packed. The rain has brought a ton more kids in off of the streets and they’ll likely wait out the storm before they head back out onto the streets again. Harry’s Mother is a voluntary program for kids in domestic crisis, runaways, and street kids. As it stands right now, when some of them choose to go back onto the streets or for the kids that we have to turn away since we’re full, they will have to go out without much warm clothing…

The problem-solver in me can’t really be convinced that this is okay in a world where people are tearing up t-shirts for rags and making mittens out of old wool sweaters. So… here’s a blatant blog-o-mmercial. If you or your group of friends or your youth group have got warm clothing that you don’t want any more and would like to get it into the hands of youth in crisis/street kids in Portland, send them to:

Harry’s Mother
c/o Michelle Sanders – Relief Coordinator
121 NE 8th Street
Portland, OR 97232

If you’re in town, just get them to me and I’ll save you the postage.

To note: The last four nights we have gotten some pretty big girls into the shelter. I’m not a tiny hiney and these girls were bigger than me. We have NOTHING for them… no pajamas, no shirts, nothing. If you wanna stick something in there for them, that would be incredible.

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