Happy Birthday, Little Man

My Aaron,

Today you reached the milestone that we have been talking about since Christmas. You are now officially “two in January!” as you like to tell anyone who will listen. We had a fun day with friends, lots of trains, an attempted nap in a big bed (which turned into a nap in your crib after I found you wandering in the living room while I was in the kitchen trying to bake your cake), Thomas kikis, a balloon bigger than you, candles in your pancakes, your PB and J, and finally your cake “with sprinkles!” Oh, and more trains. Your Thomas collection is really quite impressive at this point.

Perhaps my favorite moment of the day was when we all gathered around the dining room table to sing Happy Birthday and you bowed your head and nodded vigorously as you sang to yourself with your eyes closed. Anyone who has shared a meal with us of late knows that that is how you like to pray before eating. You were precious.

Baron, you more than any of us bore the brunt of this last year, with a mommy who was repeatedly, relentlessly told she could not lift you. As I write this, I fight tears as I remember your voice so clearly: “Pick-a-me-up, mama. Pick-a-me-up.” And now that I finally can, you are only too happy to run and walk and “do it all by myself.” I am sorry for every single missed chance to hold you in my arms.

You are truly an amazing little boy. You have one of the sweetest spirits I have ever encountered in a child, and you absolutely delight me. Over and over and over again, each and every day. Happy birthday, guy. I love you.

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  1. Happy birthday Aaron! We love you and pray for many blessings while you are 2! Tell Mercy and Elijah we love them too and please give your Mommy a big hug from us!
    Love Aunt Carole

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