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I hope it is true that many of you who are reading this have been wondering where Erika has gone off to. And I do hope and sincerely believe that many of you were moved in your spirit to pray for Erika and our family perhaps because you found the absence of her writing to be of concern. As I write this, we are hopefully past the worst. Erika was hospitalized yesterday, and she was operated on this morning with success. She is currently recovering and doing as well as is to be expected.

Please continue to pray for Erika and our family. I am writing this post at her behest directly because her thoughts were turned toward letting all of you, her extended community, know what has occurred. We give thanks for God’s great faithfulness to Erika over these past several days. We give thanks for those who—with stomach-flued children, other appointments or expectations of these days activities, obstacles to overcome and daily living to cope with, responsibilities and jobs that may have required the inclusion, input or contribution of Erika or myself—have made every arrangement, every effort, every decision with Erika and our family in mind. We give thanks for our church community who has prayed for and supported us in so many ways. We give thanks to you, our broader community for your prayers and thoughts.

Thank you,



  1. Doug,

    I had in fact this morning come within a cat’s whisker of e-mailing Erika to say, “now when you don’t write, I’m worried you don’t feel well” … but then I resisted, thinking, “oh that’s ridiculous and I just wrote her a message not yet answered and I don’t want her to feel pressured.” So yes, the Spirit did already let the community of those who love her know, and I take that to mean as well that our prayers are already answered. Please thank Erika on our behalf for being so typically thoughtful as to remember anonymous us in the middle of her pain. We will remain with all of you in spirit, and I have to say in closing that you represented her very well. She writes like few others, but you honored the space very nobly indeed with your well-chosen words.

  2. Please send Erika our best wishes and we pray that a full recovery is on the horizon. May the Lord bless and keep your family in this time.

    John Santic
    Vancouver Canada

  3. Thank you Jennifer. Your kind words made me smile in an otherwise trying time.

    (to John as well) I am sitting with her now and have told her how quickly you both have expressed your best wishes and prayers.

    Thank you.


  4. Thanks for the update, Douglas. We’re praying! I have definately been stalking this site waiting for a new post. I’m sure this was scary for you both and I’m praying for God’s abundant peace to be with you. -m.

  5. Douglas,
    Erika, the kids and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Erika that she is missed – and now we are all very concerned.
    Much affection,

  6. To all of you, thanks. I will pass along your love and kindness to Erika and am personally grateful.

  7. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing all afternoon with folks wanting to know how you’re doing. So much love and so many prayers for you up here in the Northwest (where the moss grows)!! Try to rest! MUCH LOVE!! Mom

  8. i was wondering where erika had wandered off to. i’m glad she’s well. love and prayers to you…

  9. Just checked in this morning to get my dose :^) and saw this post. I hope you’re doing much better sister! Very sorry to hear of the sudden illness and surgery.

  10. We are home now. All is slow but well. We are moving down the ‘thankfully uneventful’ road of recovery. Your prayers, concerns and kind words have given Erika good reason to rejoice and be thankful in the midst of her experience. And now that we have room 780 behind us and all things accomplished without event or emergency, we have so much more to be thankful for.

    Redundant, perhaps, but no less true: Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  11. I was away and missed what happened to Erika. What’s up? Sounds serious. My prayers are with you today. I’m continually challenged by your thoughts, lifestyles, ministry and reflections. The Quotes are very helpful and full of meat. Beyond the light devotional trickle. Peace of Christ be with you today.

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