This is where we are headed tomorrow after church to spend Christmas with Doug’s family. It has been five years since all of the Haub siblings have gathered and we are so excited for this chance to be together. Last time there were five of us: now we are nine. This is the reason for the rental house.

The scattering of family is no small thing to us. We talk often of how our hearts long to be close to our families, and while I am lucky to be so near my sister in L.A., I do miss seeing my kids with their grandparents and their other aunts and uncles. And so the next few days, our little beach-house romp will be a sweet taste of what that life feels like with one side of our family.

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  1. Oceanside, Oregon actually! It’s a tiny beach community outside of Tillamook, OR where Doug’s mom lives. It’s absolutely gorgeous here.

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