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Though I have limited time for pleasure reading these days, I have a handful of blogs that I tend to check every day. They range in style and substance and for different reasons I appreciate their daily offerings. The other day I was scanning headlines and I came across a link to this blog on the BBC website. It is an online diary of those working in a slum clinic in Sierra Leone.

Our dear friend and pediatrician has traveled to Sierra Leone repeatedly as part of medical teams serving children there, and the last time that she and her family stayed with us in our apartment, her youngest daughter, who accompanied her on the most recent trip, showed me photos from the trip on her Facebook page.

A personal connection to a person or place always has an impact upon our ability to sustain care or concern for something that may not directly touch us. My friends’ commitment to Sierra Leone, the stories they have shared and pictures I had the chance to see, helped to give me that.

I made it through about four entries before I had to stop to simply think and pray, and my day was different as a result of what I had read. And I wondered how it would be for us if we all had a blog like this as part of our daily reads.

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