Doug brought home a box of Noah’s bagels last night that were leftovers from one of the DMin classes which started yesterday. I gave a bagel to both Mercy and Aaron this morning to eat (Aaron chose the brown one, certainly thinking it must be chocolate, and even though it was Rye he ate it happily calling it his “glazed doughnut”).

Both kids were sitting at the table with their bagels, with Elijah strapped into his highchair eating his breakfast too, while I made the morning’s coffee. When I came back into the dining room with my cup of the coffee, I entered the room and saw a bunch of little paper plates (that had been left on the dining room table after a church gathering at our house last night) spread all over the surface of the table with little pieces of bagel on each. Before I could even form a sentence about wasting the plates, Mercy looked up at me excitedly and proclaimed:

“Mommy, I had a miracle!”


  1. Suhweet! And how cute of her to do that so you wouldn’t get upset about all the plates. My youngest is clever that way too.
    Nice post.

  2. Yeah, I don’t even think she was concerned at all about what I would think of all the plates. She was just SO EXCITED about her miracle!

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