Another David Cook fan is born

“He sings so………..singing!”

From Aaron, near speechless, while catching a few moments of American Idol tonight.


  1. AWESOME! Next thing you know he’ll be voting and making t-shirts sporting his favorite American Idol. Not that Julia and I have ever done those things…

  2. amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i KNEW aaron and i had a special connection. just wait until i am dating david cook and then we come over to babysit and sing him goodnight lullabies

  3. His other winning comment was when Jason Castro came on: “Mommy, she’s like you!”

    Not sure what he was alluding to there…

  4. At the risk of being the only guy to comment on this post…Jason Castro is just Jack Johnson with dreds.
    That’s cool that your son is hip on AI. And with Auntie Julia close by, he’ll always be in the know.
    Check out vote for the worst dot com for what they think of Jason!

  5. Yeah, his being hip on AI was a result of some pretty stellar stalling techniques on the whole bedtime front by both him and his sister. The two of them TOTALLY took advantage of Daddy being gone at a board meeting…

  6. gee, I thought only my daughter was pulling the “let-me-make-up-any-excuse-in-order-to-stay-up-and-watch-Idol” routine.
    I’m not alone.

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