There is a very tender expression that Aaron uses with me right now that I already know I will miss. Sometimes when we walk into a new place he feels a bit shy (he is like his Mommy in this way), and he will stop and burrow into my legs, saying: “Hold me.” Every time he asks this I am reminded of most of a year of holding my little Aaron that was lost to hernias and car accidents and bed-rest and a C-section, and I am eager to respond.

Yet most often I am already holding Elijah in my arms (or pushing Elijah in the stroller) so I will tell him: “I can hold your hand, Aaron.” As I reach down to hold his hand he will wriggle free and declare: “No, Mommy! Hold my WHOLE self.”


  1. I can hardly wait to hold his “whole self” as often as I can while you’re here.

  2. Okay I’m starting to think your family is barred from getting any more cute-kid stories to share. Seriously. Other families are entitled to an equal share of overwhelmingly adorable stories too, Erika! ha.

    Delightful, delightful story. I’ve only seen them once and I still love your kids. 🙂

  3. That little Aaron is just the cutest! I can just hear him saying those words too!

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