Happy Birthday, Aaron the Baron

You’re four now. Looks like you are ready to take on the world!


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  1. Glad to see I need moderation :^) I take that a very good sign when interacting with sophisticated fundamentalists.

    Take a risk. Maybe my situation and comments will help some people. You are about helping people, aren’t you?

  2. Tom, I personally feel that the missional movement in general would be well-served to exercise more critical self-reflection. I take comfort in contrarian views, at this point. Full disclosure: I qualified for moderation on this blog once in the past. You’re definitely not alone. I thank Erika for hosting a place where dissenters are yet welcome.

  3. Tom,
    Your last comment was cruel and insulting. I welcome your voice and presence here in whatever ways you seek to be constructive in dialogue and respectful to people. I believe you have much to say from your own journey that, yes, is valid and could be quite helpful to others. I will not host that platform here if your tone is one of insult or injury, but encourage you to write more extensively about your own experiences (I would be one who would be interested to read more!) in a place where you are presenting ideas/stories/paradigms for people to interact with as they choose. Again, this blog is not your best platform for that particular objective.

    Thanks for all of your comments and contributions here that have been constructive and have asked good and challenging questions (I don’t mind other viewpoints/perspectives-those make the conversation all the more rich). Readers here are not, as you at times imply, of one stripe theologically, culturally, etc. Good dialogue is good. Insult and personal attack are not.

  4. Catherine,

    Thanks for your comment. I believe you self-moderated in the past if I remember correctly? 🙂 I have no memory of ever moderating anything you have written as you have always expressed your views with honesty and respect.

    Maybe you and Tom should start a new blog where some of this discussion can be brought out more thoroughly than I imagine happening here.

  5. Tom, Erika rightly notes on the basis of private e-mail that you and I likely do have some perspectives in common. I am a longtime observer of urban ministry (from a policy perspective, in Washington, DC), and I am often plagued by second thoughts about the true impact of our well intentions. With the assistance of Erika’s husband Doug, I actually tried to reach you at one point in 2007 to solicit your opinion on something because I had noted your willingness to think differently, but I may not have had the right address because you never answered.

    I don’t have the time right now to blog, but I would gladly read and comment in response to you and/or take the conversation to e-mail. I think we owe it to the residents of these neighborhoods to take the hardest look possible, and I really do sincerely appreciate Erika’s toleration of my presence here because she knows that I have some issues.

  6. I love that picture!

    I took pictures at the zoo last winter and had a devil of a time with the light and reflections. That is such a sweet picture though, Erika.

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