Indiana Jones, Hotel Bonaventure, swimming pool, a new dress, Cicada, breakfast with celebs, late check-out, Erika actually pulling off a surprise (and Mercy keeping a secret!), and a friend who can ably manage our three children for a night making all of this possible…

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

11 thoughts on “Six”

  1. Dad and I were at Costco yesterday and I couldn’t help but remember how we sent him to Costco, in his “father of the bride” tux, to get one more bouquet of red roses…just one of so many memories from that very beautiful day six years ago!! We love you guys! So glad you had such a wonderful anniversary celebration!

  2. Doug and Mercy came home from the grocery store last night with two dozen red roses for me. I had that same memory of Dad!

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Ya’ll look wonderful together! Probably because you look so Happy!!

    Hey, is Doug doing his own “year of living biblically” and not taking a razor or scissors to his hair?

  4. I like the hippie thing. Go long you tree hugger! Happy anniversary from Stumptown!

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