I’m a prayer lady now

This morning I had the privilege of gathering to pray with a group of women who meet weekly to pray for the needs of the SCC family. My mom would always tell me about how this group, “the prayer ladies” as she called them, prayed for me over the years, especially during our time in L.A., so it was a bit surreal to sit among them and pick up the little index cards which chronicle the needs of this community. We prayed for an hour, prayed until every card had been taken and the needs written on it offered up to God. I happened to pick up the card that had Church of the Redeemer written on it, and it felt so strange to sit so many miles away and intercede on behalf of our other “family”.

We’re here

We just got our internet connection installed today and I am excited to share a bit of our adventures of late. Snowstorms, first sermons and songs, a new house, lots of playing Wall-E, a sleepless baby, a new housemate, and a special dedication service this past Sunday for our new ministry posts have made for a full and happy few weeks. Not to mention the load of new toys from Christmas and Aaron’s birthday that have basically made the boxes of toys lovingly packed in L.A. totally obsolete (we’re thinking of not even unpacking them but sending straight on to Goodwill) that currently fill our living room.

It is good to feel a bit settled though “real life” is only officially beginning this week in terms of work schedules, school and the like.

More to come very soon…