You know you’re nerdy when…

Last night when I came to bed, Doug was reading a book that discussed the Sermon on the Mount. We started talking about the Beatitudes, and I made some comment about how I used to be able to recite them in Greek. Of course, immediately after saying that I was rendered completely incapable of remembering the first word (which is a key word, considering it is the word which begins them all). I lay there for quite a while doing everything in my power to trigger my memory. Eventually, I fell asleep, unsuccessful.

At around 1am, there was a gigantic clunk, and Doug rushed to the aid of a stunned little girl who had fallen out of her big-girl bed. As he snuggled up with Mercy and soothed her back to sleep, I picked up Aaron (who was now awake too) and walked with him, trying to shush him back to sleep as well. Mercy was back to sleep in no time, but my charge was a little less compliant.

As I walked in quiet circles in their room, it came to me: “Makarios!”

And I was happy.

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