Small graces

-our neighbors across the street and friends from down the street who joined us last night for an impromptu In ‘n Out run for “crunchy lunch” (hamburgers and fries) and airplane watching next to LAX

-our good friend who babysat for me this morning so Doug and I could go to the dentist without trying to juggle children between our appointments

-a kind hygienist who made no comments about the length of time that had passed since my last visit, or the length of time she had to spend with her little scraping tool

-no cavities or weird teeth problems (of which I of course had anticipated many)

-my good friend with the Costco membership who brought us pull-ups and a new supply of wipes this afternoon

-my sister and her husband who will host our church family in their home tonight for the weekly “Soup Night” they are offering during Lent

Thanks be to God.

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