Mystery solved

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mercy has been insistent about what she wants for her birthday party this Sunday: party hats, pink cake, and hot dogs. I have wondered why these particular things held such great importance to her, but since I am one who tends to have her heart definitively set on things, often with no apparent explanation, I just figured that here is one way she is definitely my daughter.

I just put Mercy down for her afternoon nap, and before going to bed we sat in the Chicago chair reading books. The last book we read was one of my favorites: “Go, Dog, Go.” When we arrived at the much anticipated “dog party” at the end, I realized something. At the top of the page, surrounded by some very happy dogs, is a giant pink cake. And scattered throughout the party are dogs wearing party hats. This, I now believe, is the source of Mercy’s birthday vision.

The only thing that is a little creepy about this now is the hot dog part.

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