Happy Day

Let’s just say that my husband and four very dear friends pulled the most amazing surprise celebration for me for my birthday this weekend. Highlights included:

• A song written by my husband with the repeated line: “Happy no-bun-in-the-oven-for-the second-time-since-the-weddin’ birthday”

• Walking around downtown wearing a dinner roll with a big X drawn through it around my neck courtesy of my friend Jennifer

• An amazing dinner at Ciudad with two of our favorite people in the world

• Standing in the middle of the Water Court downtown talking to my husband on Steven’s cell phone and not knowing where he was–only to look up and see him standing above me in a lit corner room at the Omni Hotel

• Realizing that our sitter for the evening was actually our sitter for the whole night

• A beautifully large bottle of Bombay Sapphire and four martini glasses

• A card filled with names of people from church, Doug’s office, family and friends who had all chipped in to buy us a new stove for our apartment (our current one is a gas stove that chooses to light one in ten times if we are lucky)

• Leaving the Omni in our fully functional car that had NOT experienced mechanical difficulties after-all but rather was a pawn in my husband’s grand scheme

• Turning thirty-three surrounded by people who love me


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